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Information for our customers: as we are faced with the current COVID-19 situation we want to assure our clients that all health, safety and wellbeing measures are taking place and are of utmost importance to us. Online orders and deliveries are working as normal and we thank you for supporting local small businesses at this time of need!
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Handmade Ceramics
    wheel-thrown and shaped by hand

Our passion is clay.

And over the years, we learned that there's something magical about turning a simple piece of raw material into a beautiful artwork.
These interior artifacts can be either practical or ornamental, capable of turning any regular home into a very unique home.
Our ceramics are all 100% handmade by local artisans, masters in the art of clay shaping and hand painting, so you can say that any item made by us and purchased by you is limited edition - how awesome is that?

We seek to always bring new and exciting patterns into our designs, yet never forgetting our roots, by using traditional portuguese techniques and knowledge, that came from our ancestors based in this rural county in Portugal - São Pedro do Corval -, known as the Iberian Capital of Clay and most famous terracotta style pottery center in Portugal.

Thus, our small family business thrives to offer the highest-quality ceramics made for all craft lovers around the world who share the same enthusiasm about clay based products, as we do.

Ever wondered how pottery is made?
Take a peek at our studio and check our Creative Process below

Vase being shaped on the pottery wheel

Mugs stacked on greenware rack, after sun drying

Applying the engobe (liquid kaolin) on olive bowl

Stored wine jugs drying after engobe, ready for painting

Decorating our pottery with some beautiful patterns

Applying the glaze on painted plate, after first bisque firing

Pottery stacked on kiln shelves, ready for the final firing at 1000 ºC

Come visit our Production Studio & Showroom @ Rua da Primavera, 8 São Pedro do Corval, Alentejo

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