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Cotton Rugs and Blankets
100% cotton made in Portugal
Smooth touch, warm feeling.

Meet our 100% cotton rugs and blankets, homemade by a local manufacturing business brand eager to share the traditional portuguese manual weaving culture that became worldwide famous and delights so many of our visitors.

Their size, weight and soft fabric make these cotton rugs and blankets perfect pieces for multiple uses: from sofa or bed covers, to use simply for your comfort or even to display on your living room floor.

They are a cosy and elegant decor item that can fit beautifuly in any space and add personality to your home.

Our handmade rugs and blankets come in a natural cotton-based colour, which provides a beige shade mixed with careful selected colours where minimalist patterns are then sewn in black or white thread - combining rustic features with a modern design.

Copyright by Amilcar Dancante
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